History of Firm

The Johnson Law Group is the final iteration of the Law Firm of Dale Ossip Johnson, which commenced its general practice of the law in Austin, Texas in 1965. It evolved into concentrating in business, commercial intellectual property law, trademark law, civil trial and appellate law with emphasis on complex domestic and international business and commercial transactions and technology, particularly software and computer technology. Although the firm has historically represented both individuals and business organizations, both publicly listed and private, the firm generally provides legal services to other law firms and their clients in areas of expertise and experience of which the retaining law firm requires outside support. Generally the Johnson Law Group does not deal directly with individual clients in the absence of being retained by the client's principal attorney.

General Organization and Operating Practices

The Johnson Law Group is task force organized and concentrates its resources in operations and not general administration and overhead. It draws upon qualified associate and cooperating attorneys who are assigned to the client according to the client's particular legal requirements, thus mitigating the incurring of unnecessary legal time and expense. In like manner support services are outsourced to prequalified paralegal and legal support personnel on an ad hoc basis, further reducing general law firm administration, overhead and expenses with corresponding reductions in traditional client costs and expenses. The Johnson Law Group employs the latest technology to facilitate efficient and economical legal services. Client-attorney communications are facilitated by the maximum use of audio and video conferencing, substantially reducing non-productive client travel time and expense.